Your Body, Your Birth, Your Baby

02 Apr

The Mumma who wrote this – Birth Without Fear, is absolutely awesome!  She runs a Facebook group by that same name, and is currently encouraging over 6,300 women to birth without fear!  It’s a fantastic community – everyone supports one another, and there really is a lot of very healthy discussion about a whole range of issues. I’d fully encourage every pregnant woman, or even every woman thinking about becoming pregnant, to join that community, and either participate, or sit back and learn from some very learned ladies! 

Your Body, Your Birth, Your Baby
by Birth Without Fear on November 12, 2010

OB, doctor, pregnancy, birthI do not know where women got the idea that doctors are a ‘knight in shining armor’ here to rescue them. Actually, the AMA has been incredible at making themselves fit that role. Regardless, it’s a lie.

When I hear a mama say, “They are going to let me…” I cringe. I absolutely want to vomit. Since when do they own you?! IT IS NOT UP TO THEM how and where you birth. It is up to YOU!

You have been deceived. Your doctor is not a knight in shining armor here to save the day. You do not have to just be happy with what they will and will not let you do. You do not need saving.

If you are educated and know all your choices (truly know them) and are 100% happy with having an induction or a surgical birth, then by all means, I respect that. But do NOT let an OB in a white coat tell you how your body can and can not birth. Due dates are an estimate. You can birth a healthy baby at 42, 43 and even over 44 weeks (I have). Your body can birth vaginally after one or more c-sections. You can birth a breech baby vaginally. You were made for this!

There are many OB’s and midwives out there. Find another one who will support you to birth how YOU choose to birth.  There are always choices. You just have to decide what you are comfortable with. Your doctor isn’t going to come and grab you at one week past due date and drag you to the hospital. You don’t have to show up until you are pushing (if at all).

You are not a victim. You are not helpless. You are not broken. You are a mature, beautiful, responsible pregnant mama that can choose to have a c-section 1 week post dates or choose to wait until your baby and body decide to start labor!


3 responses to “Your Body, Your Birth, Your Baby

  1. Emily

    April 3, 2011 at 1:30 am

    i love this site! it is great! I too feel the greatest thing for women to conquer is the fear of the unknown! this is a great place to connect and learn and grow together as women doing the best thing in the world: birthing!

  2. Birth Without Fear

    April 9, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    Thanks for re-posting this and the kind words!!!

    • misskalypso

      April 9, 2011 at 9:36 pm

      No worries! Thanks for writing a great article, and for supporting women to have great births! You are an inspiration to so many.


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