What if?

25 Jun

So often you hear the negatives when it comes to birth, but What If things went differently from all their expectations?  What if it is perfect, with no need for any interventions at all – as well over 95% of births are.  From my wonderful UC forum  These ladies are awesome!

taken from c-birth, by Amy:

I have this list of “What If’s” that seems to creep into my mind every so often, causing me fear. The other day I had this revelation – turn them around. IT IS WORKING GREAT! This is a MUCH better way to look at it all!
So, I thought I would share….

What If…..

This is a short, non-violent birth that takes me by surprise and leaves me saying “It’s already over? That wasn’t bad” at the end

The timing is perfect, I labor at night, quietly and have the baby before morning light – by the light of my Christmas tree as my family watches in awe – nobody wakes up until the VERY end

I have one of those labors I dream of and have read stories about where there is no real pain, only intense feelings

I remain calm, feeling a sense of pride and awe over what is happening as my baby slides into her Daddy’s waiting hands

My children watch this birth and are changed forever – they go on to trust birth, my sons giving this trust to their wives and catching their own babies and my daughter births her first child unassisted

Someone, somewhere online reads my story and feels the strength to have a UC – a GRAND UC after a section or two – a woman who NEVER thought a vaginal was possible and she never forgets my story as she looks back at her beautiful UC years later

My child is positioned SO perfectly that she just slides right out and my back never hurts during labor

This changes my marriage forever – I cannot look at my husband quite the same after seeing him catch his daughter.

My husband goes on to talk to people about the beauty of UC, he is proud of himself and of me and once again trusts birth

Local women hear about me and realize THEY could do this

An OB somewhere hears my story and realizes how traumatic a section can be and thinks twice before cutting open his next victim

I labor in total peace, knowing all will be well. I have no fear and it all works out just as I envision

So that’s it for now. Just thought I would share another version of the
dreaded “What If” thread!

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