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What if…

You MUST read this!  If there is nothing else you read during your whole pregnancy, read this one.  And give it out to all your pregnant friends too. Not only does it help prepare you just in case you have an a ’emergency’ childbirth situation, but it helps you to understand that birth is not scary, but pretty straightforward.

This is a booklet called Emergency Childbirth by Dr Gregory White.  It is written for emergency services workers, who may come across a woman about to give birth as they go about their duties.  It covers quite a few different birthing ’emergencies’ and what to do about them.

Here it is:
Emergency Childbirth

I just love this quote “In over 95% of cases of emergency childbirth though the emergency attendant will be overwhelmed with gratitude, and widely praised as a hero or heroine, he or she can smile within themselves at the knowledge that their simple tasks could have been performed by any bright eight-year-old.”  I know my hubby felt that way after my accidental unassisted homebirth!  Everyone congratulated him, and he said ‘but all I did was catch!’  He said, he had so much adrenaline pumping through his system, and all he had to do was stand by and watch and wait (and run to the bedroom to get my printed out copy of this booklet!)



Cord around the neck? No worries!

This is an article written by a Midwife that did her PhD on Nuchal cords (cords around the neck).  It’s amazing.  I almost cried when I read it, as I realise that the hospital put my son’s life at risk due to their (most probably) unnecessary maneuvers.  It may have been necessary, it may not have, but I know for sure that they didn’t turn of the syntocinon, or get me up off the bed to help him be born.  They just cut his cord before he was out.  Why don’t more hospitals practice evidence based medicine, as opposed to peer-reviewed medicine? 😦

Nuchal Cords: the perfect scapegoat

To get this blog going I decided to write about a slight obsession of mine: The fear of, and routine midwifery management of nuchal cords at birth (umbilical cord around the neck). It was this issue that started me down the track of my PhD (which has grown and evolved since). I have written and presented about this topic and have bored the pants off many a person who has made the mistake of mentioning the subject. So, despite telling my colleagues that I had put away my ‘nuchal cord’ soap box I am bringing it out to launch this blog. The content of this post is based on a literature review I carried out. If you are interested in finding out more, or seeing the reference sources for the following information you can download a journal article here or the full literature review here.

Why and how babies end up wearing their cord around their neck

The presence of a nuchal cord is a very common occurrence during birth. Around a third of all babies are born with the umbilical cord around their neck. Read the rest of this entry »

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