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This article is written as part of a series on the supposed childbirth ‘bible’ What to Expect When You’re Expecting. The rest of the articles are also quite good.  As you can imagine, I don’t recommend this book.
Written on March 16, 2010 at 7:06 am by Birth Sense
Focus on what you eat, not what you weigh. Your body will gain the perfect amount of weight to grow the perfect size baby for you. Weight that is gained through healthful eating is more easily lost after birth.
Too much?  Too little? Don't worry about it!Too much? Too little? Don’t worry about it!

One of the biggest stressors for pregnant women is weight gain.  Many women receive little, if any, specific nutritional counseling prior to pregnancy.  Few obstetric practices spend much time discussing nutrition in pregnancy, while most focus on weigh-ins at each visit, and discussion of whether you are gaining too much or too little weight.

Compounding this problem are the health agencies that also focus on weight gain in pregnancy.  Many of my clients are also clients of WIC.  One woman, Bridget, had a frustrating experience with WIC.

Bridget was a big woman, nearly six feet tall, and very overweight.  As part of my midwifery practice, I spend a lot of time in early pregnancy focusing on nutrition.  All clients are asked to keep a food diary for three days prior to nutritional counseling.  Each woman is to write down everything that goes into her mouth.  We then use this information to look for things she may be lacking in her typical nutrition, and to discuss pregnancy nutrition needs.

The best thing I can say about Bridget’s food diary is that she was honest. Read the rest of this entry »

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The hidden truth about nutrition & pregnancy

Preventing Complications with Nutrition

by Amy V. Haas, BCCE © 2003
© 2003 Midwifery Today, Inc. All rights reserved.

[Editor’s note: This article first appeared in Midwifery Today Issue 67, Autumn 2003.]
Photo by Jennifer Rosenberg

Photo by Jennifer RosenbergNutrition in pregnancy—a no-brainer, right? Who would think it was so controversial? Disagreement over a healthy diet during pregnancy continues to rage, with one side saying that what a woman eats will have no effect on her pregnancy and the other saying it has an enormous impact. So what’s a woman to eat?

The fact is that research has been done on this subject, but with the exception of folic acid, it stopped somewhere around the 1980s when the focus shifted to drugs as the answer to curing all ills. The research that was done was not widely accepted due to the fact that it could not include clinically controlled studies. It would not show common sense or ethics to starve a group of pregnant women in order to supply a control group. The researchers did the logical thing and used the women’s previous diet and circumstances as the control (Brewer 1982). The results were amazing. Dr. Tom Brewer totally eradicated preeclampsia in specific populations where the former rates were upwards of 40 percent. Read the rest of this entry »

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