Great Links

Great links

Please let me know if any of these links don’t work!

Cool Stuff

  • Funny & informative pregnancy week by week article / email

  • Amazing pregnancy photos week by week

  • Spoil yourself while pregnant!’s feel good calendar

  • Totally cool simple animation of the baby growing in the womb, and birth.

  • Amazing, and slightly scary pictures of where your internal organs go while pregnant!

Troubleshooting While Pregnant

  • MUST READ:  Great info on Group B Strep, and Pelvic Floor muscles.  Before I took advice from a site like this one, I was having terrible pelvic floor issues.  I was 20 weeks pregnant and had no bladder control.  I wet myself like 5 times one day!  By following the advice on a site like this one, it became completely under control the very next day.  Even when I was 39 weeks pregnant, I didn’t have the issues I did when only 20 weeks. (I would link the site I got my info from, but this one is easier to understand!)

  • Great site with loads and loads of information on it.  It’s an archive site for midwives, and you can look up a range of issues on it.  It’s layout is a bit strange, but most of the good information is to the bottom of each page.

  • Great site with lots of sensible information on it.  It’s designed for ‘plus-sized-women’, but I still found the info great.

  • Another great site with lots of sensible information on it.

  • Forums that are answered by an ‘expert in obstetric research’. Great stuff on a variety of topics.

  • Great site for helping get your bub in a position that is best for labour.

Building up your faith in your body, your baby, the process, and God

  • Biblical affirmations for birth from the Christian Unassisted Childbirth Website.

  • Very sensible blogs by midwives.

  • Due dates are not exact.  This is a great site for Momma’s who go over 40 weeks.

  • To build up faith in yourself, your body and your baby, this site is great.  There are some fantastic birth stories on there, and the articles are quite eye-opening.


  • MUST READ: Emergency Childbirth booklet.  Written for emergency workers (Firies, Police, etc) to deal with ’emergency childbirth’.  Very simple to read, and eases lots of fears.  Print it out, give it to your fella to read, as you never, ever know (read my birth story for William!)

  • Great site for lots of links to great resources.  Very wise lady the one who owns this page!

  • Good sites with info on a range of issues.


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