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Pubic Pain home remedy

Pain in Pregnancy

Most women take pain and discomfort in pregnancy as being normal. Even when pain is bad, and women complain to the obstetricians about it, most doctors dismiss it as the “normal” aches and pains of pregnancy. I did this too. After all, gaining 40 pounds with my first pregnancy (and losing it all), then gaining 50 pounds with my second (working on losing it now), I wasn’t exactly shocked when my lower back started hurting. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a watermelon on your belly is going to throw your back out of whack. One thing I probably would do differently, though, is to see a chiropractor. I would also have eaten healthier so I wouldn’t have gained as much weight (or lost weight prior to getting pregnant). In one way, I still accept some aches and pains as being normal. I might be wrong. Read the rest of this entry »

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Baby Malpositions – Implications for birth

They reckon that a wierd position is why my labour was over 60 hours with Gabe!  Sorry this is a long article, she has lots of interesting and useful stuff to say!

Baby Malpositions: Implications for Birth

by KMom
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There are two terms that are used to refer to how the baby is located in the mother’s body, presentation and position. Although some resources use these terms inconsistently, presentation properly refers to which part of the baby ‘presents’ first at the vagina; in other words, whether the baby is head-up (breech), head-down (vertex), or shoulder-first/sideways (transverse). Position usually refers to how the back of the baby’s head is lying in reference to the mother’s spine (towards her spine or away from it, etc.).

Traditionally, the obstetric community has placed great importance on a baby’s presentation (breech, transverse, or vertex). Subtle problems in baby position and how they impact labor have been largely ignored, however.  In other words, if the baby is head-down it is assumed to be ready for vaginal delivery and any deviation from a ‘normal’ labor curve viewed as a failure of the mother’s ability to labor and birth, therefore ‘needing’ drugs and/or surgical intervention. Read the rest of this entry »


Pelvic Pain

I totally agree with the advice recommended here.  I was at the stage where I couldn’t walk as my pelvis was so incredibly painful (about 26 weeks along).  After 7 visits to a chiro, I was pain free.  (Get extras cover from health insurance, it’s worth it just for going to the chiro while pregnant)

Pelvic Pain (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction)


by KMom
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One problem that many pregnant women complain about is pubic pain.  Yet doctors and midwives often dismiss this pain as either ‘inconsequential’, ‘unfixable’, or ‘just one of those pregnancy discomforts that have to be endured’.  Occasionally, some uninformed doctors have even erroneously told women that such pubic pain means that they would need an elective cesarean section in order not to permanently damage that area during birth, or as a result of prior damage to the area.
Yet none of this is true.  Pubic pain in pregnancy is certainly not ‘inconsequential’;  Kmom knows from experience that it can be very difficult to deal with.  Although many doctors and midwives do not know what causes it or how to fix it, many women are able to get improvement or relief with chiropractic treatment or osteopathic manipulation.  It is not something that you ‘just have to live with’.  And although extra care should be taken during labor and birth in order to prevent trauma, it absolutely does NOT mean that you ‘have’ to have a cesarean! Read the rest of this entry »

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