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Your Body, Your Birth, Your Baby

The Mumma who wrote this – Birth Without Fear, is absolutely awesome!  She runs a Facebook group by that same name, and is currently encouraging over 6,300 women to birth without fear!  It’s a fantastic community – everyone supports one another, and there really is a lot of very healthy discussion about a whole range of issues. I’d fully encourage every pregnant woman, or even every woman thinking about becoming pregnant, to join that community, and either participate, or sit back and learn from some very learned ladies! 

Your Body, Your Birth, Your Baby
by Birth Without Fear on November 12, 2010

OB, doctor, pregnancy, birthI do not know where women got the idea that doctors are a ‘knight in shining armor’ here to rescue them. Actually, the AMA has been incredible at making themselves fit that role. Regardless, it’s a lie.

When I hear a mama say, “They are going to let me…” I cringe. I absolutely want to vomit. Since when do they own you?! IT IS NOT UP TO THEM how and where you birth. It is up to YOU!

You have been deceived. Your doctor is not a knight in shining armor here to save the day. You do not have to just be happy with what they will and will not let you do. You do not need saving. Read the rest of this entry »


OB fired during birth!

Mom fires OB during birth when threatened with a cesarean!

I LOVE this birth story, because it shows how moms can be so powerful during their births!   Mom was induced at 42 weeks, but insisted that the pitocin was turned up slowly and refused to have her water broken. 

First off I have to thank all the wonderful women in this group. (Hypnobabies Yahoo Group) Without you and your wonderful stories I don’t think I would have had the confidence to go to the hospital to be induced with pit, and have a beautiful birth.  I was so nervous and upset the few nights before. Your stories gave me the reassurance that I could do this, and I did. Here is our story.

I think overall I let myself be pushed into inducing. We were at the 42wks the Dr. had guessed. My family was all becoming quite impatient and there was a lot of pressure to have her out.  I agreed to be induced and get things started. Read the rest of this entry »

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